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We use the latest in dry cleaning technology, and process most clothes using a solvent called Hydrocarbon.  This solvent is designed to be the most gentle on beading in particular, and gentler on the environment than the traditional Perc too.  Many Allanah Hill garments can only be cleaned using this solvent due to the nature of their delicate beads.  Not to worry, we can handle them.




After spending tens of thousands of dollars importing our Hydrocarbon machine from Italy we discovered that whilst that solvent is more gentle, sometimes the grunt of the stronger Perc solvent is required, particularly when cleaning whites to get them back to as white as can be.  So, never to rest on our laurels, we went back and spent tens of thousands of dollars more to import another dry cleaning machine, this time from Germany, to pack a dry cleaning punch when necessary.  Our Dry Cleaner knows when to use each machine to achieve the best result on your clothes.


wedding gowns and suits


In the 40 years Renes Dry Cleaners have been in business they have seen every style and fashion of wedding dress come around and back again.  From the layers of tuille and long trains to more simple affairs and outdoor weddings we have cleaned them all.  Please bring your gown into one of our stores for a quote.




Renes Dry Cleaners understand how busy you all are and that the added convenience of a free pickup and delivery service can be a godsend.  To find out more visit our Free Pickup and Delivery page, call us or enquire online.




Every cuff and collar gets scrubbed with a special degreasing formula and every shirt gets finished off by hand.  Renes Dry Cleaners take as much care and attention with shirts as they do with everything else they touch.




All of our stores have been using 100% renewable energy for over five years.  We don't carry on about it, it's just the right thing to do, especially when you run a lot of equipment that uses a lot of power like we do.


repairs & Alterations


Renes Dry Cleaners have a tailor on site in both of their city stores.  Call the store directly if you want to make an appointment to be professionally fitted otherwise our expereinced staff can happily organise any minor repairs or alterations, no appointment necessary.




If you prefer to wash your clothes yourself at home we can still relieve you of the onerous task of pressing however please make sure that clothes have not been worn at all, not even for an hour, to ensure that the hygiene of every client's clothes are maintained throughout the process.




Renes Dry Cleaners understand that you have better things to do with your weekend than handwashing.  Just bring them in, we're happy to take care of them for you.  Also, some stains (and smells) come out better in the wash.  While we always stay within the care instructions attached to each garment to ensure that your rights (and ours) are protected, if we think that handwashing may help then we will ask your permission to handwash an item for you.  For example, did you know that the only way to take out a water mark is with more water?




The most important service that we offer is our experience.  Each store is managed by someone who has been with us ten years or more and can advise you as they serve you.  Moreover, from our head dry cleaner to our head of quality control, from our pressers to our sorters, most of our staff have been with us a minimum of ten years.  It is hard to imagine that anyone has a stronger, more dedicated team than Renes Dry Cleaners.


From all of us at Renes Dry Cleaners, we look forward to serving you.