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Have Your Shirt or Suit Cleaned by a Quality Dry Cleaner in Melbourne

Your clothes are important to you. They let you show the world who you are and help you blend into or stand out in any number of important situations where you need to look your best. A great suit or shirt can be more than just something to wear—it can be your second skin. So when you get it dirty, it can be devastating. There's almost nothing worse than fearing that the item of clothing that ties your whole look together might be stained or smudged beyond repair, especially if it's made from materials that you don’t have the option of cleaning in a conventional laundry machine. But even a disaster of this magnitude doesn’t have to be the end of your favourite look. In situations like this, a good dry cleaner is your best friend and saving grace.


Residents of Melbourne looking for a dry cleaner of the very highest quality can find one at Renes Dry Cleaners, a top service company with over 40 years of experience. With three convenient locations in Melbourne, we have the resources and the time-honed skills to do what other dry cleaners simply can't. This makes us the most efficient dry cleaner in Melbourne, and the best option for customers who just can’t afford to take chances with their favourite shirt or suit.

The Highest Quality Dry Cleaner in Melbourne for Generations

Patricia and Rene Jaramillo were born in Chile and moved to Australia in 1971 after living for a short time in Germany. Purchasing their first dry cleaning store in 1977, they spent the next four decades carving out a legacy as the finest dry cleaners in all of Melbourne. Since then, the business has remained in the capable and dedicated hands of their family, with Rene Jr. climbing the ranks from sorting hangars at the age of three to becoming the company’s new managing director in 2013. And we’ve never let the quality of our work dip once in all those years. Customers looking for a high-end suit dry cleaner in Melbourne can trust us to help keep them looking like the sharpest person in the office, while those looking to take great care of their casual clothes consider us the best shirt dry cleaner Melbourne has to offer.


Many Excellent Services for Our Valued Clients


Renes Dry Cleaners cares just as much about your clothing as you do, which is why we offer a variety of convenient and useful services for our customers. These include our door-to-door pickup service and same day dry cleaning, for people who are too busy to make the trip themselves or need something cleaned in a time-sensitive emergency.


We started offering our delivery and pickup service ten years ago and frequently visit many areas in the city including Melbourne CBD, East and West Melbourne, Docklands, Southbank, South Wharf, South Melbourne, Port Melbourne and Albert Park. You can count on the same highly skilled people to work on your clothes whether you’re bringing them into our shop or having them picked up from your office.

Call Renes Dry Cleaners for the highest quality dry cleaning experience you can have anywhere in the city, or visit our website for more information about our excellent services. We’re looking forward to including you in the magnanimous company of Melbourne customers who have made us their first choice in dry cleaning for over 40 years.