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Always Busy? Never Stop Looking Good with Same Day Dry Cleaning in Melbourne

There's no doubt about the fact that the pace of modern life is faster than it ever has been before. With smartphones in our pockets and always some place to be, it often feels like there's hardly any time left for the "little things." However, these things — such as proper garment care — are just as important as the rest of our lives. After all, you should look and feel good about yourself to be confident in your everyday life. Finding the time to take your clothes to a dry cleaning shop isn't always easy when you’re so busy. With Renes Dry Cleaners working with you, however, keeping your best clothes immaculate is easy. Through our door to door dry cleaning in Melbourne, we can pick up your garments, clean them thoroughly, and have them back to you in no time.


Life is demanding, but that doesn't mean you have to lose track of the important details. The team at Renes Dry Cleaning is not only experienced and tightly knit but also dedicated. Ten of our last 40 years of service have included offering our reliable mobile dry cleaning to Melbourne residents, with thousands and thousands of garments cleaned successfully. Let us fight stains and preserve your wardrobe's elegance while you manage the demands of each busy day.

The premier service in door to door dry cleaning in Melbourne

With a decade of successfully and efficiently running our service in pick up dry cleaning for Melbourne, we understand how time critical clean clothing can be at times. That's why we offer rush same day service when you need it most. Otherwise, we make regular mobile pick-ups and deliveries to many offices around the CBD. Getting your clothes to us is a simple process. When it only takes a few steps to ensure you have the best-looking clothes in the meeting room, why not let our family take care of it for you from door to door?


With investments in state of the art equipment and staff which have largely been with us for ten or more years, our service is a cut above. From customer care to garment care, we focus intensely on the details that matter. Your satisfaction — and looking good in your clothes — is our ultimate goal every time.


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Whether you urgently need same day dry cleaning in Melbourne or you just want to establish a regular pick up schedule, Renes Dry Cleaners is here for you. Our family's tireless effort to master the skills used in dry cleaning are here and available for your benefit. With an experienced workforce and dedication to delivering you with excellently cleaned clothes rapidly from door to door, you can look your best without missing a single beat. Stay on schedule and looking sharp when you send your dry cleaning to one of our three locations or use our mobile options. Questions? Please phone our head office on (03) 9681 9833 to speak to someone now.